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My Picture Album

me First Dating in early 1981[/caption]



My Glamor Photo taken on my 32nd Birthday

Engagement Picture 1981

Engagement Picture 1981

Taken at Ocean Shores on our honeymoon 1981

Wedding 1981

Wedding 1981

Mommy and Ashlee 1987

Mommy and Ashlee 1987
Ashlee as a flower girl age 3

Ashlee as a flower girl age 3

Senior Picture taken summer of 1978

bAshlee age 5 Shawn 1 year
Ashlee age 5 Shawn 1 year
Shawn age 12

Shawn age 12

Taken on our 25th Anniversary cruise

Comments on: "My Picture Album" (27)

  1. Oh my, this is so cuuteeee….All your life summed up in these pictures.
    Loved all of them <3
    God bless you =)

  2. Your puppy!!! Looks just like ours. Is s/he a teddy bear poodle?

    I enjoyed looking at your photos :) You are beautiful and have a beautiful family…wow.

  3. Nice pics. I am brand new here and looking forward to seeing whats up.
    God bless you too.

  4. The top picture was taken when I was around six years old

  5. Just cropped the only wedding picture I like and added it – it’s when we were coming down the aisle after the announcement and the photographer caught our expressions. :)

  6. Sally Pesce said:

    These are major cool! I like them very much!!

  7. Okay added all new pictures! Even some early ones of Greg and me – they are pretty funny!

  8. Just added some new pictures – Ashlee is going through baby pictures and little girl pictures preparing for a slideshow at her wedding – She was a flower girl at age 3 – so I put the picture of her in her white dress – so cute! And a few more – plus my senior picture from High School – Such memories!!

  9. Thanks so much Emmanuel!

  10. EMMANUEL BABA said:


  11. Thanks so much, Sarah!! I think they are pretty nice :)

  12. Aw, such beautiful and precious children you have!!

  13. Yes they do grow up!! I couldn’t be more proud of Ashlee and Shawn. They are wonderful human beings – compassionate, giving and loving individuals – they have many friends and all speak well of them. I remember my own Mother saying to me when I was still at home – “I want people to like you – that’s why I’m so hard on you and so strict.” And it’s true. We do wish that for our children – which is why we discipline them in love and are hard are them – so they will turn out right and so that others will enjoy them – and so that they in turn can be a great influence to many. And both our kids know by now that we are not perfect – far from it and we make many mistakes in life – but they also know there is much faith in God and much love for them – and that has kept them grounded – and will carry them through the tough times of life.

  14. Sally Pesce said:

    I love the pictures and the message. Well said. I had the same things happen with my children!!

  15. Cindy, seeing these pictures brings back some great memories. Through the years I have been in awe as I’ve observed the unique bond you have with Ashlee and Shawn. You have been an outstanding mother to our children and I’m proud of you.

  16. Yes – I know what you mean, Diane!! Ashlee and Drew just became engaged today – as a matter of fact!!!!! Being a Grandmother will be the next phase of life for us. But we’re way too young to be Grandmother’s, aren’t we???? Yes!!!!

  17. Diane Austin said:

    Very nice album Cindy! And I like your blogpage(s). This looks kind of fun. Anyway, my comment is, oh what memories. I can totally relate to those precious memories when our children were babies and now grown. They are great memories, but sometimes bittersweet, because of time. Then there is a new time coming for us moms…just around the corner. Time will eventually bring us babies again someday, our grandchildren! luv ya, Diane

  18. What wonderful memories for me as a Mom! No greater Joy on earth than being a Mom. I have to say that I feel sorry for guys here – simply because they can’t ever experience what it means to “carry” a child – both physically and emotionally. Sure a Father feels a bond with his child – male or female – but a Mom – Awwww a Mom. Nothing like that bond. My bond with my babies was instantanious. I “felt” them with me before birth – so after birth was natural to me. Ashlee came out and “looked at us” with her HUGE eyes, as if to say, “So that’s who you people are!!!” With Shawn, the nurse left him with me after he was born – and walked away leaving me with no phone or innercom. I was EXHAUSTED – but had this baby to hold. I remember humming the “Brahms lullaby” to him and he was perfectly content and still – just listening. Time stood still – it was a true bonding moment. I remember thinking – I will tell you about this someday, Shawn. It is OUR moment. No one can take it away from us. I will always remember it. Defining moments in our lives are like that – like time stands still. When our children are small there are many moments like that – we try to capture them – they are gone so quickly.
    Now my “children” are grown up. Ashlee is 21 and Shawn is 17. But I will always remember….

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