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Three years ago – January 30th 2009, I began a personal journey by starting a blog.

I have always kept a journal of some kind, was not always as faithful as I needed to be over the years – but I love the fact that I can trace my life journey through the written events and experiences I’ve been through.  And even though there have been many lapses in the timeline of writing – my love of the written word has never wavered.

As a child I was always an avid reader – and I believe that those of us that love books and the adventures that happen to us as we read them – dream of writing a truly inspired work of art ourselves.  And blogging is a little taste of that – a tiny article making up many chapters of the same book – our life story.

I never run out of thoughts, ideas and experiences to write about – so this has been a very fun journey for me.  I don’t sit and agonize over my content – if it was that difficult I would have thrown in the towel long ago.  I find the whole experience of me sitting, reflecting and listening to music – inspirational.

Blogging Heroes

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Those that can take their experiences and inspire others with the written word – are true “blogging heroes” – and I have been encouraged by those who have valued me enough to pour into me even while on their own personal journey of writing themselves.  The exchange of conversation and ideas are incredible tools for me as I write and become better at saying what I mean each day.  You can find some of my “heroes” on the right hand side of this page – and you will be blessed by each one of them!

I think that the first bloggers were in the Bible – King David who wrote small blog articles called “Psalms” are one example of this.  He greatly expressed his joy, sorrow and everything in between – questioning God, himself and then marveling at his own dependence and weakness as a man.  Others in the Bible who wrote chapters and verses (added later) were really just expressing thoughts, perspective and truth as they saw and experienced it.  The ancient first “Blog” was created thousands of years ago.

Fast forward to the “pony-express”, letters, newspapers, magazines and then when the internet came into each home – email and then finally the “blog” was born.

My own personal journey has taken me from a hurt and injustice to a place of relaxed resignation regarding a personal matter in late 2008.   I write in generalities for obvious reasons and found that I had a wide reading audience who could very much relate to a few injustices and hurts of their own.  We all know and can relate to the “human condition” and are all far from perfect.  We all experience failure, betrayal, hurt, sadness, joy, surrender, peace and love.  It is for those people – that I write articles.  I have tried to be “real” – as far as discretion would allow.  I have felt the Lord leading me to write on various subjects and felt His blessing as I did so.

Greg, my husband has been my best cheerleader, encouraging me to write about those things that can maybe help others, if not myself.  He believes that taking a hurt and using it as a means to help and encourage others is the best way to use that energy – for good and not for evil purposes.  And I have tried to stay true to that – no matter what I may personally may have gone through.  Right is always right – and truth is always truth – whether those around me chose to live that way or not.

And my prayer has always been to be fully reconciled with injured parties of my past.  God is in the restoring business - and I have tried hard to keep that hope alive and to keep my own heart and life free of anything that would hold me back from being a person of true forgiveness.  If we believe the Bible – then we should be living it.

I also want to say thank you to the ones that had a part in me writing in the first place – either the ones who put me through those difficult circumstances or  just the ones that were writing already and were simply inspiring to me by your friendship – you are the reason that I write and keep writing – and I appreciate each one of you so much.

The MANY friendships I have gained along the way the past three years is staggering.  There are many who have walked beside me and encouraged me daily and I appreciate how they have invested in me.  I have reached out and others have reached back.  Those friendships are not just online – many are in person and we’ve spent time in each other’s presence on many occasions.

And someday I want to be able to report that all is well – that a wrong has been put to right – that a lost friendship is back where it needs to be and that I have truly learned all the lessons that God intended for me.  But until that day – I will continue to hope, pray, trust and write what I feel is laid upon my heart.

To those of you who have the heart of a writer – maybe it’s your time to start a blog and begin your own journey to help, encourage and inspire others just like you.  Take your own personal story and start with that – you never know where it will lead you.

God Bless

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Comments on: "Happy 3rd Anniversary To My Blog!" (4)

  1. What a great milestone! Congrats, Cindy!

    Glad to have connected with you over this last year.

  2. Happy Birthday, Cindy’s blog!

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