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A couple of nights ago I accompanied my husband, Greg on a work assignment in downtown Seattle.  He “moonlights” as a contractor for Starbucks doing light maintenance after hours – or any “emergency” situations.  This was one of those.  A homeless person decided to “take a dump” as it were – right outside Starbucks back door where their dumpsters are (it could have been worse – and sometimes is, but not this time). He gets paid a lot of money for being the on call emergency clean-up guy.

While we were driving from the east side into downtown Seattle – the skyline of the city was breathtaking.

This lead to some great conversation.  You see, from afar – the city looks beautiful – but careful – you don’t want to look too close – you may see some things that are – well – kind of disturbing and not so pretty.

The inner city life and all the dirt and grime.  Not so pretty.  Drugs and alcohol abuse.  Street walkers and dealers after hours.  The raw and the gritty.  Not pretty.


While we were discussing this great truth – I was reminded of a movie that we had seen recently “Soul Surfer” about the young girl who had her arm bitten off by a shark.  In the story her Bible Study leader, played by Carrie Underwood, shows them several pictures of things up close and personal – things that looked AMAZING up close – and then when you backed up – you were seeing an ants eyeball.  And then things that looked so HORRIBLE up close – were actually things that were surprisingly beautiful – like a flower petal.

Things are not always as they appear.  Hardly ever.  First impressions can be killers.  And sometimes our imagination is WAY better than the real thing.  A little like every day life.

I love the way God takes me just as I am – up close and personal.  He is not afraid to go deeper and see all the ugly things lurking beneath the surface.  And He loves me just the same.

What have you discovered to be different up close and personal?   How are you about accepting the good with the not so pretty in others around you?


God Bless

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Comments on: "Not TOO Close And Personal" (14)

  1. Cindy…this is a pop parable! Totally adding this to my Pop Tops for this month. :)

    On Mother’s Day we spent the day in the city, and it had been quite some time since we’d been up to Seattle. I was really saddened by the high numbers of homeless people.

    I love that He gives me beauty for ashes. :)

  2. Great post Cindy….lot’s to think about too! I find that the path my life has taken has taught me that People aren’t always the way they present themselves to be, they come across as loving, kind, trusting, confident….. so loving or accepting someone at face value feels a bit scary to me. Of course I have had to learn to let others pass the test of time meaning that I need to give a new friendship time to really show the true character flaws and all, I have had to “grow up” in my skills of building friendships or relationships, learning to protect my inner circle.
    Loving others as well as loving me flaws and all is of course the goal just not always easy. I’m so grateful for God’s unconditional love for me and for the ability to pass on God’s grace and mercy to those who have left me wounded as well as the ability to ask forgiveness of those I have wounded. I want to be Real, Transparent….so that the core of me is the same as the me you meet at Safeway or Walmart….or the me my family meets in the morning as I walk toward the coffee pot!! LOL (That’s sometimes my most challenging time of the day…go figure!! LOL)

    • Yes that IS a challenge, isn’t it Debi? Being who I am online and in person is a real challenge and one I daily strive towards. Being authentic takes a risk – anytime we put our heart out there – but it’s one that has so many rewards – I’m willing to do it. Thanks for sharing, Debi.

  3. I live in NYC, a beautiful city, which happens to have one of the largest homeless population in the country. Through our church we have done some homeless outreach and I’ve had the chance to speak with some of them, and their stories are interesting. Some just left home (another state or country) and try to brave it out with no job, no home, no money and end up living in the streets. Others, lost a job and a family and the pain and suffering let them to drugs and alcohol and eventually a worse condition than before.

    I once had a talk to a guy who was once a pastor and is now homeless. He knew more Bible than me and trusted in Jesus but he ended up in the streets. So sad!

    You know what’s funny? Living in NYC my whole life and loving the beauty of the city, I find more beauty in their stories and their lives. Even if they are as broken as they seem.

    • Thanks for your comment and for being a first time visitor to my blog, Moe! Welcome! Yes I know what you mean – I have a friend – a former pastor who fell on some hard times in his past life and he was homeless for awhile too. Bad times can come to us all – and you find that we are all equal in the eyes of Jesus – and that the ground is level at the cross for sure. So much sadness in our cities but you’re right – so much beauty in knowing where people are walking – and their journey. We are all broken. We all need each other.

      • Absolutely. I once heard someone say that in America 65% of people are one paycheck away from being homeless. #yikes!

      • I can believe that. We had some church friends lose their home a couple of years ago and they took their family to Nicaragua for 8 months to live – amazing testimony and story of God’s provision in their lives!

  4. I’ve seen Mothers with the most ugly babies gazing lovingly at them and saying:”Isn’t he beautiful?”
    God loves us just the same way: The way we are. :) I think the difference is that He doesn’t ask Himself “Why?” all the time, but accepts us exactly the way we are. Because we’re all His children; no matter what, no matter how we look or are. :)

    • Isn’t that the truth! We are perfection and beauty to God. The only one who accepts us flaws and all and does not expect anything in return for loving us.

  5. You have no idea how blessed you are, Cindy.

  6. cindy, great post! what an fantastic reminder that God loves us just the way we are – nothing more, nothing less.

    many times He has shown me that broken can be beautiful. I have seen it in the lives of peoples – in their stories. A friend of mine shared a couple weeks back- how God rescued him from drugs, alcohol, abuse, overspending, you name it…. Grateful that our God is a rescuer.

    • Me too! I have often referred to myself as “broken perfection” knowing I have many flaws and that God sees me as perfect. Such a great freedom in that. Thanks Dustin!

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