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I’ve been pondering some thoughts on heaven in the last few days. Heaven is one of those somewhat mystical places spoken about in the Bible where all of us who have a relationship with Jesus Christ will go when we die.

I find it interesting that we will be all living together in unity and love. There will be no hard feelings and no “cold wars” with people – no unresolved issues and no avoidance.

I like to think of our time here on earth as a training ground for how we will eventually live when we get to our new home. If we can’t get it right here – that’s very sad indeed. I believe very much that it’s like the old saying “if you won’t discipline yourself – someone will do it for you”. I don’t think we want to be faced with God saying to us, “I asked you to forgive and be reconciled to your brother or sister in Christ and you refused to do it – or to even speak to them and be a part of their life – so now the reconciliation will be on MY terms and you will no longer have a choice”. I have often wondered what God will do to stubborn people who REFUSE to do the right thing here on earth. Will he be forced to reveal things openly and run a DVD of those moments in our lives that no one has seen so that we can’t hide behind the “victim mentality” and the one sided arguements that work so great for us down here. No. I have a feeling that all will be revealed in heaven – nothing hidden. And if you’ve stuffed those things and even convinced others how right you are – you’re in for a big SURPRISE.

We are going to meet people in heaven that love Jesus just like we do. But we are going to be made keenly aware of the fact that what we avoided or would not forgive our brother or sister down here because of pride and stubbornness – we will be forced to do so then and I believe it will make Jesus sad at our lack of understanding and unwillingness to do the right thing.

Who are the people that you will meet someday in heaven? Do you have a relationship with them now? Have you been offered the gift of reconciliation and you refused it? Are you stubbornly hanging on to your hurt feelings and love being right? Do you make Jesus sad?

Or do you long to make your issues with people that you have wronged or that have wronged you – right again? Do you seek out forgiveness just like someone following Christ does? Are you quick to take the blame for any conflict with a brother or sister? Do you wish things to be restored? Do you take on the attitude that if Jesus can forgive my HUGE debt then I surely can forgive my brother or sister their small debt. Do you say, “I’ve forgiven but I’m never speaking to that person or having them back in my life again”. Yup – that sounds like true forgiveness to me – and you know what? Jesus doesn’t buy it.

In the movie “The five people you meet in heaven” the man in the story dies and is greeted by five people one at a time that touched his life somehow – including the people he had not properly reconciled with or had many unanswered questions about. He found out that there were many thing that were quite different than what he thought down on earth and really opened up his eyes and allowed him to see people and situations so much differently.

Many times we cling to hurt and unforgiveness like a child clutching a blanket – never giving it up for any reason. Even though we have been told and know that it is the Christ like way to live. Jesus told us to forgive and be restored to our brother or sister not just because it helps them – but because it helps us and it is the only way to find true health and freedom.

Who do you need to talk to today? Are you going to wait until heaven? Don’t wait friend – there is so much joy still waiting for you in this life – this is our practice for the real thing – let’s get it right! Your reward will be in heaven as God proclaims, “well done good and faithful servant – you FINALLY got it!”

God Bless

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Comments on: "Who Will You Meet In Heaven?" (6)

  1. There are so many who allow their hurts to form calluses on their hearts. I always have a soft spot for friends even if they hurt me. My dh says I bring heartache to myself when I do this but I believe we all make mistakes and if one of us doesn’t step forward…

    • I’m like that too JoJo – which is why it hurts so much when you believe the best in people – even if they betray you – and humiliate you. I always believe the best in everybody – and try to think the best. I always try to forgive – and not hold anything in. But your husband is right – it DOES bring heartache sometimes to do this.

  2. I’m counting on the fact that He knows what’s in my heart, and that’s forgiveness. He knows me better than I know myself!
    So whatever happens Up There I’ll take it like a man…ehm like a woman.

  3. debi verwers said:

    Today seems a little sadder then yesterday, just a bit more heavy hearted. This helps to focus on forgiveness, to know that when I stand before God I will have much to answer for but today I can reclaim some of those poor choices I’ve made to hold onto anger, hurt or just confusion that spins into unforgiveness. Thanks for the bigger picture…”Clean before my Lord I stand and in me not one blemish does he see….” “Daily I pick up the cross and follow him”

    • Yes – I don’t want to stand before the Lord with any unfinished business – and have someone standing near me that I have not truly forgiven yet. Ouch.

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